Ira Shapiro, photo by Jeremy Rusnock


In a new book, author Ira Shapiro writes that Sen. McConnell saw the Trump presidency as an opportunity to push his agenda – cut taxes for the rich, attack the ACA, and turn the Supreme Court far to the right. “With the exception of the Affordable Care Act, he accomplished them very well,” Shapiro tells Lawrence O’Donnell. But, he adds, McConnell’s legacy is “far broader and far darker” than just the Trump years.


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In addition to his books, Ira has written a series of articles about the Senate, American politics, and international trade. He has repeatedly exhorted the Senate to return, if not to its previous greatness, then at least to respectability, by pursuing bipartisanship, reasserting the power of Senate committees, weakening the "leader-driven" Senate, and changing the Senate rules. He has been sharply critical of Mitch McConnell for more than a decade. In July and August 2020, Ira authored two powerful, prescient articles calling on the nation's governors to take the lead in ending Donald Trump's presidency because of his unhinged leadership on the pandemic and his clear intent to refuse to accept a peaceful transition of power if he lost the election.