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In a democracy, election years are always important.  But some election years seem more consequential than others.  As the United States approaches the 2012 election season, our country faces fundamental questions, not only about our economy, but about our increasingly dysfunctional government.  Our democratic system was always the example which other nations aspired to emulate.  When did we become a country where the divisions are so deep, and the campaigns so permanent, that there is never any time for the bipartisan cooperation needed to govern?

The Last Great Senate  is, first and foremost, my effort to tell the story of the great senators and the great Senate of the 1960’s and 1970’s.  Consequently, many of the blog entries will provide insights and recollections about those senators and that Senate.  But it is hard to read the book without asking how the lessons of the past are relevant to the current situation.  How can the Senate restore itself, and reclaim its special place in our constitutional system?  So, many of my blog entries will try to shed light on the current Senate, its problems and possible solutions.  I hope that the book and this blog can contribute to the national conversation about how to rebuild our political system so that America can deal with its most pressing challenges at home and abroad.

And, of course, not surprisingly, I am something of a political junkie generally.  So I suspect that inevitably, the blog will present a few views about developments during this election year even if they are not directly related to the Senate!


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